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MJ&Co Recruitment are consummate professionals, and they have helped me with some of the most important hires I've made. Recruiters are seldom a pleasure to deal with, MJ&CO are the sunny and happy exception to that rule!

Client Jonathan Gittos Founder & CEO

Moorgate Communications  is a fast-growing specialist PR/marketing agency for the financial sector. Our philosophy is to employ the brightest and best but not necessarily the most experienced. We throw massive amounts of responsibility at them and, in return, teach them skills that will last their entire career. From the start, back in 2002, Mette has been our recruitment partner – a critical cog in the machine because her role is to find the talent capable of handling that awesome responsibility. Over the years, she has provided us with many successful candidates, many of whom are still with us and prospering (while others have grown to be directors of major PR agencies or moved into the media). She is unrivaled at finding the right talent for us. A true partner.

Client Robert Kelsey Managing Partner

Mette is one of the best recruiters I know. She makes the whole process seem effortless. I trust her judgement and enjoy working with her. She is very well connected and finds the right person for the job every time. 

Client Julia Pasarón I-M Magazine

Mette assisted me in finding a previous role which involved a huge life change for me, moving areas to a place where I knew no one.  Not only was that job pivotal in changing my life in many personal and professional ways (for the better), but the support Mette gave me throughout the transition and move was what helped me to really settle there.  And since then she has continued to stay in touch with me. I think you will find Mette to be much more than any standard recruiter - she works in partnership and friendship and gets to know the human inside the professional.

Candidate  Becky Holmes EA to CEO

Mette went above and beyond, she is extremely knowledgeable in her field, professional and discreet - I would recommend her and her firm to anyone looking to hire.

Client, Giles Burrows - Insurance

Mette was an excellent recruiter, she made the effort and took the time to get to know me as a person to find and focus on my strengths. She is efficient and pro-active and opened my eyes to opportunities I would never have thought of. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new position and I am delighted to be placed in mine.

Client Clare Smith -  Property

I cannot recommend Mette highly enough. It was a stress-free and enjoyable experience working with her to find my last PA job. She was always at the end of the phone and really understood what I wanted.

Candidate: Penny Thompson

There isn't a cobblestone in London that Mette will not march over to find the right candidate. 

Couldn't recommend her highly enough. 

Client Alan Firmin CEO Tribalheart

I have worked with many recruiters both as a client and candidate, and I can confidently say that Mette beats the lot! 

Client: Marika Tham, Head of Admissions

MJ & CO Recruitment were a pleasure to deal with, but what really impressed me was they only gave us the CV’s of candidates who fully met the criteria of the job spec. Believe me, this is rare. Normally a recruiter bombards you with CVs hoping one sticks. Highly recommended.

Client Stephen Cubitt Partner, Banking

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